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Indoor Technical Information


Pupils may compete in a maximum of 3 events:

2 track and 1 field or 1 track and 2 field.

On the day pupils may only compete in one of the following events:

300m; 400m; 800m; 1500m.

Should there be a large number of entries in any event above 400m, there will be an A & B Final rather than semi-finals.

Long Jump: Competitors will be expected to achieve the entry standard. Only jumps beyond this distance will be recorded

Shot Put Specifications: O/16 Boys – 5kg U/16 Boys – 4kg O/16 Girls – 3kg U/16 Girls– 3kg

Hurdle Specifications : O/16Boys – Height 91.4cms , spacing as for 100m. O/16 Girls – Height 76.2cms, spacing as for 80m U/16 Boys – Height 84cms, spacing as for 80m U/16 Girls – Height 76.2cms, spacing as for 75m

Straight sprints will take place at the same time as circular track events over 400m.

Schools must ensure that they have parental permission for photographs to be taken and to be published in the local press. If there are children who do not have parental permission then it is the responsibility of the person in charge of the children on the day as to whether or not they are included in any photograph taken. Anyone taking photographs at the event should complete the Kelvin Hall Indemnity Form available from Main Reception Desk. The SSAA cannot be held responsible for photographs taken and printed without permission.

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